Rocky Horror Show

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Show Runs From October 16, 2014 Through November 1, 2014

The Rocky Horror Show is playing at the Crest Theatre at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square. The theatre is located at 51 North Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach, 33444

Tickets are $25 each, $20 each for groups of 15 or more, and $10 for student rush with ID or children under 12. Internet ticket sales open now or call the Box Office at 561-243-7922, ext. 1.

NOTE: May not be suitable for young children. Parental discretion advised.

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The Rocky Horror Show is an outrageous assemblage of the most stereotypical science fiction movies, Marvel comics, Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello outings and rock ‘n’ roll of every vintage. The play (upon which the classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show is based) has grown from an experimental production originally produced in a small London theatre in June 1973, to a cult phenomenon with fans world-wide.

Creative Team

Team member Kevin Black
With over 20 years in the entertainment business, Kevin has directed, choreographed, costumed, and produced numerous shows all over the world. Kevin’s talents as a Producer and Choreographer are enhanced by his expertise in costuming, lighting and set design. Kevin is known throughout the industry for his creativity and artistic vision as well as his congenial manner and ability to get things done.
Team member Roger Blankenship
Roger Blankenship
Musical Director
Roger has a wealth of musical directing experience that spans 30 years. He has served as organist and choir director for a number of places of worship, coaching choirs and vocal performers, and collaborating in music education. He has written and directed musical productions, has grown choirs from a dozen to over one hundred participants, produced holiday pageants, and directed musical theater performances, including numerous theater reviews of his own creation.


Team member Mike Westrich
Mike Westrich
Team member Gaby Tortoledo
Gaby Tortoledo
Team member Justin Schneyer
Justin Schneyer
Team member Greg Halmos
Greg Halmos
Riff Raff
Team member Jenna Paige Gagliardo
Jenna Paige Gagliardo
Team member Brielle Lysaght
Brielle Lysaght
Team member Carlo-Rufino Sabusap
Carlo-Rufino Sabusap
Dr. Scott
Team member Dan Thagard
Dan Thagard
Rocky Horror
Team member Hugo Moreno
Hugo Moreno
Team member Seth Trucks
Seth Trucks
Team member Michaela Paige
Michaela Paige
Team member Lara Barauna
Lara Barauna
Team member Melissa Coleman
Melissa Coleman
Team member Sarah Kenny
Sarah Kenny
Team member Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin
Team member Daniel Nohrden
Daniel Nohrden
Team member Daniel Scarantino
Daniel Scarantino
Team member Samantha Streich
Samantha Streich
Team member Brian Varela
Brian Varela

About Entr’acte Theatrix

We chose the name Entr’acte Theatrix because it is the music that begins the second act.  We consider ourselves a building block, or stepping stone, between The Palm Beach Principal Players, which is our non-profit, community theater level company, which I started 11 years ago, while my son was still in High School.  I came to realize that a small percentage of high school and college students in theater programs actually ever got “stage time.”  The Principal Players was begun to give performance opportunities to budding thespians, and to provide them with the opportunity to work with directors, choreographers, and actors outside of their school environment, usually for the first time.

Now, these teens have moved into adulthood, and are pursuing professional resume-building opportunities in our community.  Entr’acte Theatrix was formed to do just that.  Our company members, or as we call them, emerging artists, are now ready to take the next step, but with limited opportunities in South Florida to suit their particular demographic.  Entr’acte is a semi-professional company, which affords these young actors the opportunity to work with seasoned professional directors, choreographers, and musical directors, and supports them in beginning their professional careers with a solid base of work on their resumes, as well as the network and contacts our productions will offer them.  In addition, this is the first time that they are actually compensated for their work as actors.

Our choice of projects provide appropriate roles for the younger professional actor, and we attempt edgier works, and put a hip, new spin on the classics.  This corps of “emerging professional talent” will be the focus of the work the Entr’acte does.  Our hope, and our goal, is to bring musical theater, in our area, to a younger audience who will become the base of theater support in our community in the coming years.

A philanthropic organization established in 1983. The primary goal of the Foundation has always been to improve the lives and education of children, especially at risk and under-privileged youth. We avidly support a variety of organizations who are committed to making a positive impact on their communities.

About the Founder

Teammember Vicki Halmos
Vicki Halmos

Raised in a military family, Vicki Halmos grew up with a sense of service.  Her call to community service began when she met her husband, Peter Halmos, who volunteered for the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County.  Since then, her primary focus has been to improve the lives of children and families -often through the arts- by working with a variety of organizations to further this mission.

Vicki’s passion for musical theater led to the creation of the not-for-profit theater company, The Palm Beach Principal Players in 1999. The initial goal of the company was to provide a stimulating extra-curricular environment for local youth and to provide affordable entertainment for the local community. Since then, Vicki has been working to sustain and develop community theater in South Florida while producing a run of more than 16 popular musicals in local theaters.

This passion continues today with Vickis newest endeavor, Entracte Theatrix, which is a natural progression of The Palm Beach Principal Players. The new company aims to raise the bar by offering a community theater outlet for aspiring performers as they transition into the world of professional theater. Mrs. Halmos also oversees Head Up Productions,  a not-for-profit film company which among other  projects has produced a documentary addressing the problems and solutions of children aging out of foster care on a national scope.

​Overall, these three companies have provided opportunities for hundreds of children and young adults to give back to the community with their talents and to launch their careers in the theater and film industries. Mrs. Halmos received the 2009 Woman of Distinction Award in Palm Beach for philanthropy and her work through the Peter Halmos Family Foundation to promote the performance arts through education and outreach.

For more than 15 years Mrs. Halmos has served on the board of the Palm Beach Day Academy and in 2001 the Vicki and Peter Halmos Family Activities Center was built.  Vicki has also served as a board member of Opportunity, Inc. and the CAREing Foundation.  She helped found two signature fund-raising events while serving on the boards of these agencies: The Ultimate Dinner Party, to benefit The Childrens Home Society; and The Old Bags Luncheon, which supports the Center for Family Services in West Palm Beach.

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